Wyre Forest Health Partnership (WFHP) represents primary care at scale 

We are a fully formed partnership of six GP surgeries serving over 73,000 patients, with over two hundred staff located in the Wyre Forest area in North Worcestershire. 

From the early days of our organisation we were determined to try and form a business to be proud of, one that builds on the traditional strengths of General Practice but in a new structure that would allow us to thrive in the modern NHS.

With the continuing pressure on GP practices and the every changing NHS landscape, we are expected to change the way we operate to accommodate integration with other health care providers on a larger scale. The partnership gives us the structure and stability that we need to continue to evolve and to be at the forefront of change.

With continuity of care between a patient and their clinician being paramount, our organisation ensures that the day-to-day running of the site is overseen by a site based manager supported by the site based partners and staff. To support the individual sites in delivering the best possible care and to ensure we as a partnership will meet the key challenges facing primary care, we have built a cohesive and specialist team of managers and administrators who work across the partnership..

We are members of the Herefordshire & Worcestershire Clinical Commissioning Group. We support working with neighbouring practices and are a member of the Wyre Forest Federation.

The below documents shows why and how Wyre Forest Health Partnership was formed, what the reasons were for merging back in 2014, the strategies we set out and what our initial Clinical Model looked like.


          WHFP CLINICAL MODEL                                WHY WHFP WAS FORMED                              WFHP MERGER PROCESS