GP Partner:

As a very large partnership we offer excellent working environment with the opportunity to pursue your clinical interests and further professional development with exceptional support and a good work/life balance. With our diverse skill sets and innovative ideas, we aim to at the forefront of those working to deliver the 5-Year Forward View. WFHP strive to: 'Working together across 6 sites, one valued and committed team, combining innovation and integrity to provide the best possible quality of care for our patients'

Salaried Doctor:

Twenty years ago most GPs went on to become partners in small or medium sized partnerships; a principal of which the old model of general practice was built around.  Having spoken to many GPs of all ages and backgrounds in recent times, we believe that this is no longer the case.  While some GPs still want to become a partner, many do not. The key reason being that many GPs now want to develop specialist interests or portfolio careers with flexible working conditions. 

With this in mind, we as a partnership decided to create Career Development plans for all our salaried doctors by developing their skills and knowledge in order to fulfill their career aspirations.  This is currently done by Educational Meetings, Mentors and specialist tutoring as well as appraisals and dedicated Away Day sessions.

If you are keen to develop your career, Wyre Forest Health Partnership is in a unique position to help you!  To find out more about how we currently develop our dedicated team of salaried doctors, view the below document.

Career Development for WFHP Doctors

If you think you have the commitment and drive to join us on this challenging but rewarding path - have a look at our Current Vacancies.