Wyre Forest Health Partnership Quality Improvement Activity:

We aim to instill a culture of continuous quality improvement in all levels of our organisation. All our sites perform regular audits on the services that we provide as well as audits on the many clinical conditions that we treat to ensure that we are offering the best level of service possible.

Board Level:

The board meet regularly to discuss the WFHP overall performance and review the organisation’s data on quality improvement activities.  The basis for the discussion for quality is a monthly Q&P report detailing current status and actions are documented and acted on. In addition, the board frequently benchmark performance for all our enhanced services by site and use this to assist in site specific improvements.  

We have a wealth of knowledge about our sites including data on performance and financial data, which we use when board members meet the site partners and site manager to discuss performance and areas for improvement to mutually agree a site development plan for the next 12 months.

Site Level:

We currently hold Monthly Meeting with all staff in each site where we discuss current performance against our targets. Successes are celebrated and staff brainstorm on how we can improve the services to our patients. In addition, site managers and leads received a monthly report outlining their service performance on QOF and Enhanced Services to ensure that they are a step ahead their yearly service commitments. 

Team Level:

Regular team meetings are held with our doctors and nurses where issues are discussed and in addition we invite experts to educational meetings to ensure continuously improvement.