With the enormous challenge GP practice faces it was felt that, together as a fully formed partnership of 6 successful local GP Practices, we would be more equip to stay in the forefront of the changing and challenging times ahead. 

The NHS is under extreme pressure for a number of reasons, with costs such as medical equipment and medications escalating, coupled with the fact that the population is aging which, in itself is a challenge as older people tend to have a larger number of more complex conditions to treat. It has been recognised that with the changes in society and patient’s needs, GP practices are at the heart of the NHS.

Patients want high quality care provided by a familiar team of healthcare professionals who they know and trust and who know their medical history. They also want to be able to receive care in a timely fashion when they need it.  Some patients want to be partners in their own care. They want the knowledge, skills and confidence to take more responsibility for their health and to feel more in control of their outcomes.

With this in mind, the WFHP aims to ensure that we keep the patient centric approach by develop different ways of managing clinical demand. In addition to increasing patient self-care, this includes the use of different triage methods and development of the broader workforce, or alternative services.

What can patients do?

We would very much like our patients to see the formation of our Partnership to be part of the solution to the challenges your local GP practices face. We have an active Patient Participation Groups (PPG) leads in each site to help us finding what the patients wants and how we can best meet their needs. The pressures on the NHS mean that GP appointments are stretched to the limit. Patients can help their local GP Practices by finding out a little more about our condition before deciding if we need an appointment. If we can save just 5% of appointments, there will be much more availability when we really need a GP.

The following links are to accredited health information websites available for the public:

www.patient.co.uk Patient UK – patient information leaflets 

www.nhs.uk  NHS Choices – symptom checker, advice on illnesses, health and care needs all in one website

Other links about health services and General Practice:

www.wyreforestccg.nhs.uk The Clinical Commissioning Group commissions most of the health services you rely on. The CCG plans, pays for and monitors the quality of these services

www.rcgp.org.uk/information-for-patients.aspx Royal College of General Practitioners’ patient information homepage – all about how to get the most out of your local GP Practice.