The overarching Partnership organisation sits subtly in the background for the patient experience. Patients remain registered at one site from where they continue to receive their care and see the same doctors, nurses and practice staff.

The key benefits of the WFHP organisation are the ability to sit behind the scenes offering knowledge, expertise, processes and systems together with the opportunity of resource sharing across all the sites. We can use our joint resources to develop new services and try new and better approaches to meet the changing needs of our patients.

Our Core Services

All six sites provide core general practice appointments with our multi-skilled doctors, nurses and Health Care Assistance (HCAs) from 8:00 am to 6:30 pm Monday to Friday. In addition our sites provides extended opening under the national enhanced service that covers selected evening appointments and some Saturday opening.

Specialist Services

The partnership also provides specialist services such as:

  • In-house Pharmacist;
  • Minor Operations;
  • Joint Injections;
  • Physio;
  • Wound Care;
  • Mental Health Care and Counsellors;
  • Specialist long term condition clinics for patients with conditions such as Asthma, COPD and Diabetes. 

We aim to provide continuity of care for our patients where possible.

Home Visiting Service

This service is now available in all sites. The focus of the visiting service is to improve continuity of care for the patients who need it the most.  The aim is to have two to three Doctors, supported by an Advanced Nurse Practioner within each practice who do majority of the visits to patients at home or at nursing homes.   From the number of audits we have carried out in the sites, it is evident that by working this way we have significantly improved the continuity of care, as well as been able to manage the demand for visits.