The overarching Partnership organisation sits subtly in the background for the patient experience. Patients remain registered at one site from where they continue to receive their care and see the same doctors, nurses and practice staff.

The key benefits of the WFHP organisation are the ability to sit behind the scenes offering knowledge, expertise, processes and systems together with the opportunity of resource sharing across all the sites. We can use our joint resources to develop new services and try new and better approaches to meet the changing needs of our patients.     

Important Notice

Prior to the Covid pandemic WFHP had for several years been offering a remote consultation service, by telephone.

This avoided long waiting times building to be seen by a clinician as there was always availability on the day if required. This way of consulting has now extended to include remote consultations by video and on-line ie “e-consults”. We continued throughout the Pandemic and still always do, offer Face to Face appointments following a remote consultation in agreement with the patient, if it is helpful to management of the patient’s presenting problem.


Blood Clots & Vaccines

"We know that there have been some reports of an increased risk of problems related to the Astra Zeneca Vaccine and blood clots. We would like to assure our patients that these reports are not based on current evidence - and the incidence of blood clots reported in those who have had the vaccine is no higher than the general population. Any possible risk is far outweighed by the benefit of the vaccination. The World Health Organisations and the UK Medicines regulator are continuing to fully recommend the vaccination. The reports are going to be thoroughly investigated of course - but there are some facts below that you may find reassuring,"

Dr Roy Williams

Dr Brodie and Dr Morton speaking about our Covid Vaccination Programme, latest Covid News, The Principal Trial and answering questions in relation to this. Video Link below:

WFHP Webinar: Covid-19

National Guidance suggests that patients should receive the Covid-19 vaccine that is most readily available should not be offered a choice of vaccination brand.

Please click the link below for more information.
WFHP Position Statement on Choice of Vaccine for Patients

The wearing of face coverings indoors is mandated by the UK government to reduce transmission of the Covid 19 virus. We need to consider the needs of our staff and other patients during the Covid Vaccination clinics. Please click the link for more information.
WFHP Position Statement on Wearing of Face Coverings in Covid Vaccination

Shielding Patients
Read about shielding letters and what to do if you think you should not have been identified as high risk. For more information on shielding please click on the link below
COVID-19 Population Risk Assessment - NHS Digital

Each surgery within the Wyre Forest Health Partnership update their facebook regularly - you do not need to have a facebook account to see these updates. Simply click on the links below to find out the most up to date covid-19 information

Bewdley Medical Centre
Kidderminster Medical Centre
Church Street Surgery
Hagley Surgery
Stourport Medical Centre

Regular updates from our CEO...

Covid Vaccine Update 18.02.21

The WFHP team has now given approximately 19,500 Covid Vaccinations from our 2 sites in Stourport & Kidderminster, and we have really appreciated the positive feedback which we have received. Our text appointment system which I've described previously has worked really well. Thank you to everyone who has booked their appointment this way. From Monday 22nd, we will starting contacting those patients who were vaccinated week beginning 14 Dec, for their second vaccination. As these are amongst our oldest patients, we will be ringing them so please let your relatives (who are patients of ours) know to look out for our call, and remind them we never ask for financial information.

The Government has now said that any people aged 65 to 70 who have not had their first vaccination are to be invited by government letter to book an appointment at the mass vaccination sites, whilst general practice has been told to concentrate instead on cohort 6. We are now inviting cohort 6, using the medical conditions criteria as laid out in the "Green Book"

We aim to invite Bewdley MC and Stourport MC patients to Stourport Surgery, and Church Street, Kidderminster MC and Hagley Surgery patients to Kidderminster MC for their vaccination. When we get vaccine at short notice, or we are running a large clinic, or there is capacity in some of the clinics we may move from this in order to get patients an appointment more quickly. The currently expectation is that patients attend for their second dose, at the same place where they had their first in order to ensure adequate vaccine supply; this will apply to those who chose to attend one of the mass vaccination sites rather than our surgery Covid clinics. 

So it's an update of reassurance really that systems are in place, and all the teams are still working really hard to get our patients vaccinated as soon as we are able. In the meantime please help us by wearing a mask when coming to our surgeries, and continue to observe the hands face space rules,

Thank you.

Covid Vaccination Programme Update - 19.01.21
Last week our WFHP Practices ran 9 days of Covid vaccination clinics from Kidderminster Medical Centre and Stourport Health Centre. This week we are running 8 more. We have visited all our care homes.

We have now attempted to contact all our 75 year olds and older either by text, telephone or letter who are not recorded as housebound. We will keep trying those we have not managed to make contact with.

We will now contact patients of all ages registered as housebound to see if they could come into clinic, or could sit in a car to be immunised or if they do need to be visited at home; we can vaccinate people sooner if they come to clinic.

We trialled an "in the car clinic" yesterday and it worked well.

We are coding those patients who tell us they are health or social care workers, but their vaccination is being arranged by the CCG. We do not have further information on this.

We are waiting guidance as to what conditions will be considered clinically extremely vulnerable for the purpose of Covid vaccination. 

The Government is sending out letters inviting the over 70s to go to Birmingham, but we are now starting to invite 70-75 years olds for vaccination too.

lease continue to look out for the Accubook text inviting you to book an appointment.

Please do not arrive early for an appointment, as you will need to wait outside. And finally please do not ring reception about having a vaccination, as this will block the phone lines. 

Please be assured we do not waste, or throw away vaccine. We are being as systematic as we can be, and we will get to you, the speed of which being dependent on vaccine supply so I cannot give a timescale for the age groups. 

A long update, which I hope you find useful. 
Best Wishes

Our Core Services

All six sites provide core general practice appointments with our multi-skilled doctors, nurses and Health Care Assistance (HCAs) from 8:00 am to 6:30 pm Monday to Friday. In addition our sites provides extended opening under the national enhanced service that covers selected evening appointments and some Saturday opening.

Specialist Services

The partnership also provides specialist services such as:

  • In-house Pharmacist;
  • Minor Operations;
  • Joint Injections;
  • Physio;
  • Wound Care;
  • Mental Health Care and Counsellors;
  • Specialist long term condition clinics for patients with conditions such as Asthma, COPD and Diabetes. 

We aim to provide continuity of care for our patients where possible.

Home Visiting Service

This service is now available in all sites. The focus of the visiting service is to improve continuity of care for the patients who need it the most.  The aim is to have two to three Doctors, supported by an Advanced Nurse Practioner within each practice who do majority of the visits to patients at home or at nursing homes.   From the number of audits we have carried out in the sites, it is evident that by working this way we have significantly improved the continuity of care, as well as been able to manage the demand for visits.


 Your Medical Records Being Shared update - 03.06.2021

There has been much media focus recently about the upcoming daily extractions from GP Medical records of patient information for research & planning purposes by NHS Digital.

This is NHS Digital’s explanation of the Programme:, the General Practice Data for Planning and Research, Directions 2021 and the Official NDOO Leaflet,


If you do not want your GP held medical data to be shared with NHS Digital for Planning & Research then you need to complete this form, the Type 1 Opt Out Form:


The form needs to be completed and returned to the surgery no later than 23 June so we can process it before the first data extractions on 1 July; preferably email it to


If you also want to do a National Data Opt Out (Type 2) to prevent your data held by NHS Digital including that gathered from wider sources (e.g. hospitals, social services), being shared for research and planning, then this is the link


On the NHS App (NOT the Test n Trace App), at the bottom of the “Your Health” option there is the opportunity to do a Type 2 Opt Out.  Alternatively, there is also a national number you can ring 0300 3035678 open Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm but on recent testing this took 1 ¾ hours to be answered.

By law, we are required to inform our patients of such processing and of their right to opt-out of this extraction, should they wish to.

It is complex, but we cannot offer any advice on this or answer questions via this post. Please do not make an appointment with your GP or ring the surgery to discuss.


Best wishes Clare - WFHP CEO