WFHP New Extended Hours Service

Posted 19 February 2017

The WFHP is offering additional GP appointments across all of their sites on a Monday evening; as well as extra appointments at our centrally located Kidderminster Medical Centre.

This new service is available to patients who needs to see a GP urgently and has had a prior telephone conversation with their GP who will then book them in.  

In addition to offering some additional GP appointments on a Monday evening which is only bookable by a doctor following a telephone call; the WFHP is also offering their patients extra GP appointments at Kidderminster Medical Centre on a Tuesday and Thursday evening. These dedicated appointments are staffed by GPs from across the Wyre Forest Health Partnership and can only be booked by the patient’s GP. Here GPs can access the information on patients based elsewhere in the partnership by using special sharing agreements in place ensuring that wherever the patient’s visits the GP has access to their most up-to-date clinical notes in a secure environment.

This service has been running since the beginning of January in response to NHS England's Refreshing NHS Plans for 2018/19 which set our the expectations of 100% of the population having access to GP Extended Hours.  The extended hours service is currently being utilised well by patients across the WFHP.