WFHP Wide PPG Meeting

Posted 1 March 2018

In February, Stella Baldwin, the patient representative on the WFHP board, organised a very well attended meeting of all the six PPGs that are attached to WFHP.

 There was excellent representation from all of the sites, with 28 patients; along with the Chairman of WFHP, Dr Roy Williams and the CEO, Clare Nock.

All of the 6 sites have their own well represented PPG which meets at least 6 times a year. The aim of the PPG is to be a ‘critical’ friend to the sites by as advising them of the patient perspective on their services as well as assisting the site with carrying out research and organising health promotion events to encourage patients to take responsibility of their own care. WFHP appreciates all the PPG members input into the running of their sites and to update the members at this group wide meeting, the CEO gave a presentation on the WFHP key successes and what the areas of focus are going forward. The PPG members were encouraged to ask questions on a range of topics including Finance, Prescribing, Online Access and Phone Lines. In addition, matters such as how to attract younger members and ideas of events were shared amongst the participants. There were a lot of good feedback from the group after the meeting which was considered very positive and productive! After this first successful meeting, the next one has been arranged for late June 2018.